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Dishonored my family! Dishonored my cow!

I wanted to join the "Draw This Again Contest". I REALLY WANTED TO SO BAD. But it just so happened to fall on my hellweek of all hellweeks. ;n; The weeks before finals week. All that. BUT I TRIED GUYS. I really wanted to do this so baaad. I was gonna redraw my Alice in Wonderland piece because it was really one of my favorites.

Alice and Chesire Cat by realgoodpizza

I wanted to do it some justice. ;n; I STILL FEEL SO BAD. I wanted to do this ahdakhdfkashflaks. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this! ;n; I failed myself.
I also really wanted that dA Nomad. LIKE SO MUCH.

Oh well though... ; u ; Alas, I could not complete it in time. Partly, my fault. I could have started earlier... BUT I ALSO BLAME SCHOOL. D:< ANYWAY, I FAILED YOU ALSO. Ugh.

BUT BUT BUT! I didn't completely fail you. I recorded a bulk of the painting process and I kinda wanted to share it to you if you wanna see it!! ; u ; Well I haven't uploaded it yet. I'm not really familiar with these things so if you'd help me out by answering this poll that would be great. c:

Also, I've really gotten into tumblr lately so I redid my old art blog. :)
It's at
I've also got a personal blog where I upload loads of cool stuff.

Here's the kind of wips you can see over at the blog~
Yes, I have less than 24 hours to work on something I've been working on for quiet a while and I must say the mosquitoes are bothering me and and and and



It is better than the movie.

By like a bajillion times.

When I'm done working on the thing I'm working on, I'LL WATCH IT ALL AGAIN AWWYEAH.

This journal isn't even fully functional yet but I don't care cause I'm so happy.
I really should stop complaining because compared to all of the last week and prior to today, this is not really THAT bad. It's like actually okay. It's almost over. ; u ; And yes, I should stop complaining but yeah. It's been two weeks. It's not yet over. Next week will be the calm before the storm that is finals week. But as of today, it's 8:30. I just ordered KFC. Why it took me an hour to get my brain running I do not know why. I have to study for four chapters of Experimental Psych (bleaurgh!) and another four chapters of Abnormal Psychology (fun but hard as f*ck) and then finish analyzing some psych data from ou last experiment and find liek 7 more related journal articles to support our findings. Then I have to do some art. .______.

I have less than 12 hours. (Class is at 7:30.)
All I have right now is my starvation headace and my poo brain that runs like a diesel engine.

I have super mega focus problems.
Took me like one hour from the time I got to my desk to now to read the first line of text of my psych book.
My brain just really really has a hard time "warming up".

I will wallow in my numbness now.

Need to buy some coffee.


Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 5:20 AM
I don't think alot of people know I'm really into minty things.

Since it was last my birthday week, my mom got my a large pack of Mint Musketeers. ♥ Here within my humble pantry, I also have mint hot chocolate, min chocolate chip cookie dough (which apparently is a thing), peppermint tea (which I adore to the heavens) and lastly, but most importantly (because it's my main reason for this journal update), mint apple jelly.

I just have to say it looks phenomenal on toast. It looks like I'm eating neon green ectoplasm for breakfast.

For those of you who probably really don't care, I'm also recording a video for the process of my next piece which is a remake of this old favorite of mine from 2010.
WIP: Alice by realgoodpizzaAlice and Chesire Cat by realgoodpizza

I'm going to try my best to get the entire process in there starting fro a rough ugly sketch. (The sketching process is far too embarrassing to show.)
I will, however, bear the shame of showing you the rest of the process. The pitfalls and the do-overs and seriously it will probably only get good once I get in the groove towards the middle when all the colors are laid out and the fun starts. That, I can in all humility, say that will be pretty cool to watch.

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Mid-midlife crisis.

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 8:53 AM
(Meaning the midpoint between birth and midlife.)

Huhuhuhu guys!! ;n; I'm 19 figgin years old I'm gunna die without ever making any artistic progress again ever!!! :((

But it's really cheering em up to look at my old stuff. And I've recently been super motivated seeing all these great webcomics everywhere.

I just realized!! I've been 19 for 8 days without feeling a change. Well that's that!!! A year is over. I can't let myself be all bummed out anymore!

Anisia, 19 will be a good year for you! You're going to make so much art! Get back into this great community!! You won't let yourself down! I belieeeve!!! D:<

I'm not going to let any time go to waste! This is it. I can do this!!

I love you, deviantART.

Also, on an unrelated note due to something that really upset me that's unrelated to the thing i was upset about last time... I, or any of you for that matter, don't need to strive to please anyone to be a good artist! Only yourself. Track your progress. Look up references and tutorials and keep going. When you feel down. Take a break! Look at art you enjoy. Read. Write. Watch endless amounts of TV. Whatever. Art should please you and inspire you. Keep that up and eventually, you'll know what you're doing. Yes you should listen to critique and whatever. I'm not saying not to. But don't let the bastards grind you down. Art is your thing.



ALSO. :iconpurplemozzarella: got me these for my birthday. :heart:

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Art on hold. Kind of underwater...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 8, 2012, 10:33 AM
GREAT NEWS! (For me.) I might finally be able to go home todaaaay. I mean like if the weather clears up and shiz. Cause I'm seriously running out of food and money. :)) Also, the floods were knee deep today! (We saw boats!) Me and my roommate (dunno if she wants to be tagged here) tried to volunteer for relief efforts (so we waded through the aforementioned floods) but they were over-manned on our campus so we headed back before the sun went down. We live near school so it's really okay. The other campus nearby (UP) was really under-manned but we couldn't make it there cause the floods made it too difficult even by vehicle. So yeah! Was gunna help relief shiz tomorrow but I might go home so yeah. Hope everything turns out okay. :) My home isn't directly affected and I live in a tall building so I'm safe and sound. The roads too and from though are crazy.

It's also funny how so many people are freaking out over big time artists from here when really most of us are just cozy in our rooms. Those mostly in real danger are the homeless and the poor people who have no where to go. Most people were notified ahead of time to evacuate and people are safely i evacuation centers all over the city. It's nothing like a typhoon or a hurricane, it's just a monsoon so it's basically a hell alot of rain so the real danger is just flooding. There are no strong winds and shiz, just rainfall.

It's really been tragic though. Relief efforts going around everywhere and calls for aid to like disabled people in government shelters and babies who's incubators had to be shut down... (Don't worry, the babies are safe! Our university evacuated them safely!) It really is sad. Pictures have been circulating facebook of buses half underwater. Underpasses and underground subways are underwater... But it's also amazing how much people are trying to help out and how this whole thing is being handled pretty well. :)

And seriously, I love my people. No matter what they're still managing to have fun despite all the calamity. I see pictures of people in rowboats, goofing around, pretending to take showers, dressed as mermaids! :)) (Saw a smiley old guy rowing himself in a coffin!)
The Filipino spirit really is waterproof.

Was scary though how my area got flooded. I'm on a hill right now so this place doesn't flood. :/ The worse part is the rain has not stopped! I mean, this morning, it was like bright sky, shining sun. Then boom. Zero visibility again by noon. Then waist deep flood by 5 pm. (Was knee deep by the time we crossed it.) Been raining ever since then and now it's 1.30 am.

Pray for the Philippines, please! :)

Also, I know I owe alot of art and I'm in no real position to blame the weather as I'm pretty safe here. I'll take the time to work on what I can but since I'm going to try to head home and might possible join in relief efforts, I guess that art might be a little delayed. (Already working on it though!!)

I'm not belittling this calamity though! To everyone in the Philippines, please stay safe, warm and dry! ; u ;
My love goes out to all you guys! >;u;<

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I am working on all my commissions now.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 12:30 AM
I'll also be fixing up my dA real soon. Weeding out all ugly and unwanted arts. :))
There's really nothing else I can do seeing as most of my country is currently underwater. ; n ; Safe for now where I'm staying but rain hasn't stopped since yesterday. It's flooding in the streets behind me and shiz but I'm in a tall building yayy! ; u ;

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Realizations and Procrastinations

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 18, 2012, 8:23 AM
I've come to realize, I'm a little bit agoraphobic.
Maybe more than a little.

Art soon, once the blood drains from my head.

Also, I can never explain myself right. I'm just going to shut up forever now and go to sleep.

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Okay. Ohhhhkay.

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 28, 2012, 1:45 AM



Mahnn... I really wanna get focused and make some awesome art but I'm soooo lazy. :))

I made some Percy Jackson stuff a long while back. An experimental style. :) Super detailed stuff! :o Which leads to the fact that none of them are finished. :)) But I still love them til now. Only real stuff I did alot of research and stuff on. Worked hard!

Wish I could get back to that kind of passion... :c

But I swear, it's so hot here!!! Can't do anything. D:
And also I got some worries. :s So all I can do it sleep and stuff.

Peace out!

Oh, and a feature:

-We- by HennaLucas

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The con is tomorrow!! :o

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 12, 2012, 3:30 AM
So we're actually doing it! The Ozine Fest starts tomorrow and my friends are getting our merch printed!! I hope everything goes well cause this is'll be all of our first ever times having a table at a con! :o

But other than that, I have alot of things on my mind. I won't bother you about it cause I feel like I'm always just moping over here. :)) Haayyy... *smacks self* Anyway, I'm kinda down but I need to be up and cheery for my little bro's birthday today. And tomorrow's the same cause I have to man the booth and stuff. So much is happening I don't even have time to be sad so right now, I guess I kinda just feel empty. :c
Well, see you guys. :)

Love by B1nd1

Be strong.

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 8, 2012, 5:45 AM

HEYYY!! I know I said I'd get my commissions up real fast but the last weeks of school crashed down on me in full force. D: Anyway, after my finals week, I'll get everything done, I swear. I already have most of the sketches. PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

Also, the Ozine Fest 2012 is this April 13-15 and my friends and I from the Nervous Crayons our art studio :> are going to have a booth there!! :D

COME SEE US. It'll be in the SM Megatrade Halls on the dates mentioned above! It's gonna be a blast. :)

So Frustrated. , _ ,

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2012, 9:49 PM

What am I doing with my life?

LOL at the cliche title.
I can never seem to wake up for class anymore and the worse part is it's my willpower that's failing me half the time! It's like I can really see the purpose in attending my chemistry classes or whatever. Like I dunno, I feel like I've given up. Like I wanna say, what am I doing with myself?? And the thing is... I don't know. I don't even know why I'm here anymore. BS Psychology's a pre med course and I honestly don't mind cause I LOVE PSYCHOLOGY but I hate Chemistry so much. I don't know anything. My grade is currently 30.64 of 100 and I'm not even trying anymore cause I know I'm going to drop it anyway... Haay. :<

I really do want art as a career so so badly but everyone always says "do it on the side" and of course I understand where they're coming from but right now I really don't see what else I want to do... I know it sound so so dramatic but art really is my passion. I mean that word, passion, actually makes sense in that context. It's the only thing I really want to slave over, lose sleep over and essentially bleed my hands to death over.

So my plan of action...

...really and truly sounds funny when i say it but I'm serious.
I want to succeed in the art world before I graduate. I wanna show my parents that it's possible to do. I want to do this before I graduate because it would kill me if I got stuck doing a job that I'm just being forced to or whatever. First world problems, third world country. :I
I just need enough to get by. Okay. I wont feel so horrible if I fail chemistry, right?

OH GOSH ANISIA. What are you even freaking out over again??
Just come what may I guess. I should try NOT to over cut my subjects though... But otherwise. You can do this!! Academic probation. You wouldn't feel bad about that. Shift to AB Psych. Yea sure. At least you're still in the university with the people you love right!? :D Now why the hell are you talking yourself? GET OF THIS JOURNAL NOW.


:thumb79213557:Nocturnal Stamp by Clockwerk-chanDreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
heebie-jeebies by cockrocketThis is How I Feel by Mr-Stampnocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa



Fri Feb 17, 2012, 3:22 AM
I love Haven so much but

I just saw the last episodeeee!!!!


I was like so many emotionssss. Nathan why you such a big effin baby!! GROOOW UP! At least you manned up in the end. BUT OMG THE END!! THAT WAS SO MIND FUCK.
And ahhh Duke!! Don't freak out on me man! You're too awesome for that!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


I need some tea or something.


Also, check out The Nervous Crayons!

  • Mood: Zeal
SO GUYS!!! 8D Me and my college buddies:

:iconcaramelsalt:, :iconlittleeloquentdoll:, :iconcinnapsis:, and the guys :iconsenzainooryoku: & :iconpurplemozzarella:

set up a small indie art studio and we will be taking commissions in time. :> ACTUAL COMMISSIONS. (Cause we all so sooo very hungry.)

Our art firm is called The Nervous Crayons which can be found here.

I'm excited to do real commissions in mah future guys. :> We'll be setting up a PAYPAL account for it so transactions will be easy and stuff.
NOW- go check out our group and my lovely artist friends and drool over their art!!
(We all haven't uploaded so much yet though hehe we'll get right to that.)

Go to my profile to track the rest of the commissions!
They were cluttering up my journal.


Mature Content

Anne by leicaman
Cheshire box by ElaRaczykRed Flowers by anonbeaWinter Ghost 2 by ladymeow
leaves by 4130013Octopus lady by laloonplease be quiet , my heart . by miumzoo
And this guy's a irl friend of mine:
Linger by afbegoniaMonster by afbegonia
Someone's birthday. :> So yeah.

I am addicted to "Haven". I am loving the series. Duke x Audrey!!
I shall show you soon. ;)
Hey guys, I just really wanted to thank you all for your words of encouragement. Went through a big rough patch but I'm pushing through now. :) Really, though. I felt really hopeless but when I opened my laptop to deviantart, I saw all  of your replies and words of convren and care and stuff and if really helped me get through it more than you can imagine. Really guys, thank you so much! :tighthug:
Ugh. What is wrong with me?

Just for kicks. (And some questions.)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 3:56 AM
Because who would say no to free premium membership day?

Oh, but I was going to write a journal anyway. Now it just looks prettier. :D

Sooo... Oh yeah! I was thinking about selling some art prints. Just tossing ideas around. 'Cause yeah... Me starving and all. :)) And me and CaramelSalt found a good quality printer nearby our place. We're thinking of selling at cons! I know I don't have so much art up here right now but if you guys seem interested, I would gladly oblige.

I would sell prints of my original works like:
Elise by realgoodpizza Christophe by realgoodpizza

I'm also really considering selling originals! I will upload some in time but I'm only really confident enough to sell things like my works done in ink. I'm also considering accepting commissions. If I did, what would you guys be interested in seeing? I can do pencil work, inked work (which I love to do), obviously digital art... And, I'm also open to the idea of sending buyers the originals. Like the original pencils or if ever digital, I could send the original sketches. What do you think?

Here's some examples of what I can do. :)
Zuko... Redone by realgoodpizzaPercy and Annabeth by realgoodpizzaRemus and Tonks by realgoodpizzaSweeney's Waiting by realgoodpizzaRelease Me by realgoodpizza

I would love to hear your opinions! :3

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Cleaned up my [secret] blog as well.
Deleted all my supid ramblings.

Will upload WIPs and stuff there.

Will make some WIPs now.

Using actual pencils and paper.
(But I can't find my sketchpad.)

Which means I have to leave my laptop.
I'll get right to that...

*walks away*

Oh, well this is awkward.